A Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) is a computerised device specifically designed to be installed in a vehicle and used in the automotive industry to provide a wide range of capabilities that help drivers and fleet managers to stay connected and informed while the vehicles are on the road. A MDT can be used for plenty of purposes, such as vehicles tracking and navigation, communication with dispatch centers and access to real-time data like traffic and weather information. It can also be used to monitor vehicles performance, fuel efficiency, engine diagnostics and many others. Typical applications, among the others, of the MDTs are public transport, fleets management, taxis, logistics, roadside assistance.

The new ATOMO – 10 by Digitax, available both as a stand alone Mobile Data Terminal (ATOMO -10 MDT) and an ALL IN ONE integrated system (ATOMO – 10 ETS), is the solution for those companies who need to provide their customers with a professional, certified, flexible and modular MDT.
ATOMO – 10 is based on Android platforms and has been specifically designed to fully meet the needs of public transport, fleets management, Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVM), electronic ticketing, job despatching, service certification and navigation.

X-One Android MDT represents the state-of-the-art device for security and vehicles management; an ALL IN ONE industrial grade and automotive compliant powerful and compact device. The 4G LTE modem onboard allows very reliable communications with operating headquarters and the vehicle can be located by the high performance GPS/GLONASS/BeiDo receiver.