Telecom Italia acquires over 1.850 Digitax 3GMDT mobile data terminals.

Telecom Italia placed an order of about 1,850 Digitax 3GMDT mobile data terminals to be used in the Urban Public Transport in relation to projects developed by Telecom Italia System Integrator Partners and some regions of Central and North Italy.
The Digitax 3GMDT onboard terminals will be assembled on some Public Transport vehicles. The devices, integrated with the Central Software used by the involved transport companies, will allow the complete management of the fleet vehicles giving an accurate display of both the vehicles and the transport network within the territory covered. They will be used  also for precise and flexible programming of the rides.
Thanks to the automatic and configurable management of the applications, many added value services will be provided; among the others:

  • the information provided to the clients through the so called “Taxi Ranks”;
  • the “Service certification”;
  • the communication between car drivers and the Central;
  • the sending and receiving of messages;
  • the navigation on the territory;
  • the safety;
  • the video-surveillance;

The range of possible applications offered by the use of Digitax 3GMDT, that provides the latest technical solutions for both local and remote commuynications, together with mobiles, palmtops and management software developed by System Integrators and Software Houses is pretty huge.

The ANAS fleet installs the new video surveillance system developed and provided by Digitax

Digitax Automotive Electronics won the tender for providing, installing and maintaining the new built-in mobile system capable of tracking, recording videos in HD and broadcasting images in real time to 19 Anas compartment operation rooms all over Italy.
ANAS S.p.A.(National Autonomous Road Company) is a joint-stock, state owned Italian company whose single partner is the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, which, under the technical and operational surveillance of the Ministry for Infrastructures and Transport, manages the Italian road and motorway network.
The flexibility and advanced technology of Digitax products enable the company to meet all the requirements requested by the Anas project.
This project, addressed to enhance the roads safety, includes the installation on 1,200 Anas vehicles of an advanced built-in system capable of acquiring, recording and transmitting high resolution images in real time to Anas operating rooms.
Through the video monitoring and the gathering of information on the situation of the roads and the traffic conditions, the new technological system by Digitax is capable of planning and guaranteeing faster maintenance intervention and emergency assistance over the entire national road network.
Furthermore, as confirmed by the Chairperson of AnasPietro Ciucci, “it marks an important step forward in the process of optimising the quality and safety of traffic, with particular attention on information for the user … Substantially, the system will speed up and rationalise emergency intervention and the repair and maintenance of our roads and enable better governing of traffic regulation processes”.
Digitax Automotive Electronics, following its successful awarding and provision of the mobile information system to all the Enel S.p.A. (Ente Nazionale per l’Energia Elettrica, National Institute for the Electrical Energy) 5,500 vehicles, became a leading company in the provision of technologically advanced products and services capable of meeting the needs of large and evolving companies.

» ANAS Press Release at www.stradeanas.it.

Digitax and Enel signed an agreement for the supply of 5300 MDT-MCU units and car mounting kits for complete operations fleet.

Digitax Automotive Electronics is pleased to announce the signature of the agreement with ENEL (Italian energy producer and distributor), for the supply of 5,300 devices MDT-MCU and related installation kits for the fitting of ENEL operations fleet.
Further to development of the on board equipment, Digitax has managed the design and delivery of so called “car mounting”, that is all the parts necessary to install the equipment (Kit) into the various type of ENEL vehicles.
The design of the devices has been set and developed by Digitax in accordance with the precise application specifications.
The company is used to customise products in order to guarantee an effective and reliable “bespoke” solution. During the design process Digitax technical staff has been assisted by ENEL ICT working group.
By accomplishing this project in the best way, promptly answering customer enquiries has surely been for us a demanding, but at the same time, a very  stimulating challenge” said  Mr Luigi Guazzotti, Digitax CEO, “Our technical staff has concentrated their energies from the beginning of the development and implementation of this project, achieving an excellent outcome, exceeding even initial expectations”.
The supply to ENEL of MDT-MCU device is an expression of the strength of Digitax in designing, producing and fitting of particularly sophisticated systems and equipment. Supporting companies in all project phases and always being available for communication with the customer, define Digitax and give them the winning edge over the many competitors within the Italian market.

SEA Milan Airports implements board systems also on the follow me fleet service

Following the implementation on AMBULIFT and PUSH BACK buses of Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa airports, also the FOLLOW ME veichles will be equipped with the monitoring platform SELSAT provided by Selecta and Digitax in collaboration with Lanservice.
It is a further step of the positioning and driving control of the entire Airport fleet that soon will expand on other vehicles by installing the device Digitax X -One Plus.
The automation level achieved enables the integrated management of the handling vehicles, the permission to drive, the management of the anomalies with alarms and events sent to the responsible people.
The system is running from mover than two years.

Digitax supplies CERT INFOTRACK Telematics with 7,500 on-board terminals

Digitax Automotive Electronics signed an agreement with CERT Infotrack Telematics for the supply of 7,500 on-board computers for the management and control of the whole Abu Dhabi taxi fleet made of seven Abu Dabu Taxi Companies each one with more than 1,050 vehicles.
With the committment of CERT Infotrack Telematics Digitax designed the state of the art Mobile Data Terminal for this specific taxi application charachterised by specific requirements.
The new product resulting from this project is the ITL 901, an on-board computer that is highly reliable and responds to all the specific requirements of the taxi sector with functionalities that are aimed at job dispatching and fleet managementThe ITL 901 terminal is based on Microsoft Windows CE Operating System and a x86 processor.
This new Digitax product is a touch screen friendly use Job dispatch data terminal, equipped with a built-in GPRS modem for data communications, a GPS receiver for position tracking and an embedded taximeter for fare computing.
The ITL901 also includes external peripherals as passenger detector, receipts thermal printer and optionally an InfraRed Camera for On Line security purposes.
The operating centre and the ITL 901 terminals run with the software produced by CERT InfoTrack Telematics, member of the CERT Group of Companies.

Information on the CERT Group of Companies
The CERT Group of Companies is the commercial branch of Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates, the largest private University in the Middle East.
CERT is the biggest investor in MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) in the invention and marketing of technology, with an investment of over 35 million dollars in 2007.
In 2005, CERT signed the biggest Telematic agreement in history with IBM, which has resulted in the development of telematic technology in the United Arab Emirates.
CERT owns three super-computing centres in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.
CERT’s Super Computer Blue Gene gives 5.7 TeraFlop calculation speed for companies focused on bio-technology, nano-technology and genetic research, as well as gas and petroleum simulation projects.
The CERT Technology Park in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is the home of international companies such as Intel, Honeywell and Lucent Technologies.

Information on InfoTrack Solutions
InfoTrack Solutions is a company specialised in the supply of fleet management systems and Automatic Taxi Dispatch Systems, with many years experience in supplying GPRS / Wireless transmitters.
The point of strength of this company from Singapore is the extremely high flexibility achieved in producing and developing their own products totally in-house, using a team of engineers with over 20 years experience in the telematic industry and in fleet management.

Digitax supplies V-Link MERU Taxi with 3.000 3GMDTs

Digitax Automotive Electronics supplies V-Link “MERU Taxi” with 3.000 3GMDT Mobile data terminals, which are already installed and in use in the entire fleet of taxis in the MERU project.
MERU is one of the most important taxi companies in India; its services were initially extended to provide services in the city Mumbai, and this project is now expanding to HyderabadDelhi and Bangalore.
It currently has a fleet of over 3000 vehicles which will increase because of this ambitious project, as stated in an interview by the General Manager of V-LinkMr. Neeraj Gupta, “We are in a unique position to expand our radio taxi business across India as we have gained tremendous experience in the demanding Mumbai market over the last year … We have engaged the best-in-c1ass service providers to build the service delivery and technology elements for this project.
The extension of this project to Bangalore is reinforced by a contract signed in February of this year for the provision of its taxi transport services in the city’s new International airport; in fact, V-Link had the only Radio Taxi service which satisfied all the governmental criteria for the provision of this type of service in Bangalore.
“In Bangalore & Hyderabad, our taxis are dedicated far airport passenger services far the upcoming International Airport in the city. This radio taxi service does not only caters to the demand of passengers commuting to and from the new International airport, but is also available to the city’s public transport.”
The strenght of the services provided by MERU is the high level of technology used for their equipment; thanks to the installation of Digitax 3GMDT mobile data terminals, the transmission of data via a GPRS network, and localisation via GPS satellites, the company is in fact able to enormously increase the quality of its services.
“There is a Mobile Communication Terminal (MCT) inside each taxi which has a built-in GPS receiver, LCD display screen and GPRS connectivity, which helps the driver to communicate with the control room” the director added, and in the terminal “latitude and longitude information is plotted on GIS map far real-time tracking”.
The company provides its customers with a series of excellent services, as well as the certainness of the correctness of the fare applied to each customer, thanks to the robustness of the digital anti intrusion device which all the taximeters are equipped with; also, the fares relative to all the trips are communicated and recorded in the control centre.
“V Link also uses its technology for ensuring that there is a very responsive “Lost and Found” tracking system in place so that any item left behind inadvertently in a Meru cab can be traced to the vehicle that the reporting customer has used … Another feature is the Panic button that is installed in the Meru car, which enables the driver to connect to the Control Centre in case of an emergency or mishap.”
Digitax Automotive Electronics has been asked to participate in this important project, which is an excellent test for the launching and use of its products by the by now technological and advanced usage required by transport services in India.

The German Radio Taxi Taxi-Ruf Bremen chooses Digitax Automotive Electronics data terminals

After a precise evaluation of various international manufacturers, through thorough in the field testing of their products, the German company TAXI-RUF BREMEN has chosen the Digitax 4GMCU on board computer, which will be installed in its entire fleet of 500 taxis.
The new 4GMCU will be supplied with a 7”, 16:9, high brightness level touch-screen monitor manufactured by Digitax; this product is managed by Com4Cab software, which is manufactured by the German company GefoS, the leading company in taxi control centre products.
The system will be installed in the first part of 2009 and will ensure the control centre provides highly efficient and technologically advanced services; this will be possible thanks to the high performance levels of the 4GMCU’s VIA C7 processor, as well as the Dual SIM, an advanced management module; this feature means having a highly secure communication platform with an extremely high level of service continuity because of its NETWORK FAULT-TOLERANCE feature.
This feature consists in Switching between operators should there be any interruptions to the signal on the GPRS communication network used by one of the operators.
The German company’s decision to choose the 4GMCU terminal among all the others is further and important confirmation of the high quality and efficiency of the new products manufactured by Digitax Automotive Electronics.

Computer Cab plc and Digitax Automotive Electronics sign groundbreaking deal for the complete fleet of 3500 cabs.

London’s largest taxi operator, Computer Cab plc, and the world’s leading taximeter manufacturer, Digitax, have signed a deal for Digitax to supply  the leading radio circuit with its groundbreaking 3GMDT in-cab terminal.
The deal makes the Computer Cab system the most technologically advanced in the UK, with the latest in cutting-edge in-cab devices.
John Lee, CEO for Computer Cab plc, said: “Our new system will operate on new platforms and provide unique innovations for our customers and drivers. We believe the Digitax 3G MDT is the right device to take us into the future and ahead of our competitors. This not only gives us an enormous leap ahead but will set a benchmark for every taxi circuit that exists. I am delighted with our decision which is the right choice for our business, our fleet and our customers.
The deal also marks a significant step upwards in the UK market for the Italian-based Digitax, which already dominates the world market for in-cab taximeters. The 3G MDT is testimony to Digitax’s commitment to technological excellence.
Fleet Operations Manager for Computer Cab plc, Malcolm Paice, added: “Our drivers already know the Digitax name because their taximeters are among the most reliable in the London market. It is great to be able to offer our drivers that same quality of product in the form of the 3G MDT.”

Digitax and Taxis Combined Services (Cabcharge group) sign an important agreement for the distribution of Digitax products in Australia

Digitax Automotive Electronics and Taxis Combined Services (TCS), a company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Cabcharge Group, have signed an agreement for the distribution of Digitax products in Australia.
Taxis Combined Services will therefore become a reference point for all the Australian companies for the distribution and supply of Digitax Automotive Electronics products.
As well as being distributors, the Australian group also owns the biggest taxi network in the territory, with over 2.500 vehicles of all types; it provides services such as normal customer transportspecific transport for airports, and the transportation of packages.
The high level of reliability and the advanced internal technology of the new Digitax products has allowed Taxis Combined Services to expand its range of services, thereby increasing the number of customer needs it can satisfy.
With this agreement, Digitax Automotive Electronics therefore increases the availability of its brand in the Australian continent, further expanding its worldwide distribution network.

Cusat Custodia Satelital and Digitax Automotive Electronics announce the appointment of an official distribution agreement for Paraguay, and present the new fleet management system.

On 7 May 2008 CUSAT Custodia Satelital announced its commercial agreement with Digitax Automotive Electronics and their consequent appointment as the official distributor of Digitax products.
The event was held at a conference organised at the Sheraton Hotel in Asuncion, and a large number of personalities and businessmen from most of Paraguay’s main sectors of industry and commerce took part.
The General Manager of CUSATMr. Eduardo Salto, proudly presented the new Digitax fleet management system while emphasising the most important characteristics of this system, such as security and the versatility of the product in respect of the needs of buyers.
The Digitax fleet management system includes the 3GMDT / 3GMCU data terminals and the telematic G14 box; the former are characterised by the most advanced technology in the Automative sector, and they are compatible with a large number of peripheral systems and interfaces.
The G14 (black box) is an intelligent device used in both the public and private sector for mobile land communicationdispatchingtracking systems, and security systems.
The event includes the participation by numerous television broadcasters, and it has also had a big impact on the most important editorial channels in the country.

Active the new service “Emilio“, with a central (Digitax TDS) daily operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, located in piazza Gioberti. The satellite system of the Call Center will direct the jobs, locate the car closest to the point of ascent, confirm to the client the number of incoming veichle and estimated time. Different class from subcompact cars to luxury cars.
 It’s was been a good first day, we did not think we would have had all this attention.” Marco Ferretti and Paul Gaspari are met, holders members of the new car rental service with driver and radiotaxi “Emilio” that since yesterday is active in our city.
Emilio was born with the idea to present itself as an alternative to the taxi service, with which it shares the same function so that you can define a private taxi service, but with two significant differences: not only can you book in advance the service, but there ‘ it is also the preventive certainty of costs. The service does not provide for the use of the meter, and the amount is set in advance based on the distance to be covered.
All in all it was a positive first day is a new service, and like all new things it needs to be run in – they told the two members who did not expect a start so strong – I honestly did not expect to have attention on we thus welcome the first day, instead have contacted us in so many“.
The fixed cost of the ride and the chance to book passage are the workhorse of Emilio, the element on which the two partners aim a lot, and also generated some controversy with the taxi drivers. But Ferretti and Gaspari said they are not interested in the controversy: “We are interested in just giving a service to the city and then we’re not even taking into account the controversies or respond to them – concluded the two – We are interested to grow an adequate service to the city and to the customer’s expectations”.
Emilio owns one central reservations, equipped with the most innovative satellite systems for receipt of requests for rides Taxi NCC, their sorting and assignment. The Emilio service is also easily accessible anywhere there is an internet connection through the appropriate application and by phone, for those who had the pleasure of speaking to an operator.
The central Emilio operative, which has its headquarters in Piazza Gioberti, responds to the number 0522.1911.

The company Selecta Digital Service of Venice, using Digitax Automotive Electronics technology, has won all the principal italian nationwide tenders for Public Transport applications

The Selecta Digital Service, a well known company active in the Infomobility sector applied to the public and private Transports, has won all the principal Italian nation wide tenders, announced during the year 2006 and the first quarter 2007, aimed at the supply of integrated solutions for the Public Transports management.
Selecta Digital Service have proposed integrated solutions of Service Certification with the use of hardware and software systems for the Operative Central and devices mounted into the transport units, implementing the on board Digitax devices, now reference standard of the specific sector.
1,700 of The Digitax on board Mobile Data Terminal3GMDT have been used in these projects.

The RadioTaxi Opera, serving Milan and the south hinterland of Milan, is pleased to announce that from May 2, 2016 has been operating the new central Digitax TDS . To continue to ensure the highest standards of professionalism , punctuality and efficiency for which RadioTaxi Opera has always distinguished , a dedicated call center has been activated that responds to the number 02/42104211 all year 24 hours on 24 .
The satellite search system present on each car allows to quickly handle the entire flow of incoming calls and ensures high performance solutions and waiting times drastically reduced.
The fleet consists of environmentally friendly hybrid cars , taxis for transportation of 5/6 persons , low or high cars, minivans , animal – friendly cars, wifi on board, payment by credit cards , reservations and service are performed races to any destination .
Ensure quality , competence and kindness is the slogan of RadioTaxi OPERA !

THE COOPERATIVE Radio taxi Como chooses Digitax technology TDS CLOUD system for the dispatching

The cooperative Como Lario Radio Taxi install the new system TDS CLOUD Digitax for the dispatching offering a reliable and secure service.
15, Vl. Roosevelt – 22100 Como (CO)
phone. +39.031.272000

New solution Digitax TDS Cloud for the cooperative CO.TA.P of Pesaro

The cooperative Como Lario Radio Taxi install the new system TDS CLOUD Digitax for the dispatching offering a reliable and secure service.
15, Vl. Roosevelt – 22100 Como (CO)
phone. +39.031.272000

The new dispatch system with technology Digitax, TDS Cloud, for Radio Taxi Ragusa

Radio Taxi Ragusa evolving to new dispatch system TDS CLOUD with operator, through the call center of Palermo , this offering a more and more reliable, fast and efficient service.

Active the new system Cloud Digitax TDS – Taxi Forlì

Active the new system Cloud Digitax TDS . In addition to offering a service 24 of 24 from the possibility of being able to receive , via the website integrated , to the industry to call a taxi with a few simple clicks.

Taxi Forl: +39.0543.1908041

Radio Taxi Monza News

Radiotaxi Monza is a cooperative born in the 2000. Since then it has  always been the only public service of Taxi in Monza.
By the time, the cooperative, has been able to innovate and now can count on a satellite system of last generation and it can find the nearest taxi to the customer.
Radiotaxi Monza features modern and stilish cars, station wagon, represensative cars and cars with six or seven seats.

In addition to the town of Monza, the Radio Taxi, is a benchmark for the entire Brianza.
In particular the taxis are normally used in the following cities: Monza, Villasanta, Arcore, Usmate Velate, Carnate, Lesmo, Triuggio, Casatenovo, Carate, Albiate, Sovico, Macherio, Biassono, Lissone, Vedano al Lambro, Muggiò, Nova Milanese, Desio, Seregno, Vimercate, Concorezzo, Agrate Brianza…


Softeco Sismat used devices Digitax Force One for soundbusiness management service Disabled Transport of the Valle d’ Aosta

Softeco Sismat used devices Digitax Force One for soundbusiness management service Disabled Transport of the Valle d’ Aosta.

The device, as well as providing support to the driver for the performance of service (list appointments, routes, lead/lag, etc.), It can record the actual boarding and alighting of passengers by interfacing to a reader smart card contact-less. The system uses this information to calculate the remuneration of the service to carriers.

Softeco Sismat used devices Digitax 3GMDT Plus for the activation of the public transport service on-demand organized by ATM Milano.

Softeco Sismat used devices Digitax 3GMDT Plus for the activation of the public transport service on-demand organized by ATM Milano and called Bus District.

The path of the vehicle is determined dynamically according to the demands of users who can contact the call center or ATM directly to the driver at the terminus.
The onboard equipment, in addition to providing the driver the necessary support for the completion of service (navigation system for indicating the path to follow, list appointments, lead/lag, etc.), Captures users’requests proceeding to schedule of the run directly on the device board.

Softeco Sismat used devices Digitax 3GMDT Plus for the activation of the public transport service on-demand organized by ATM Milano.

Softeco Sismat used devices Digitax 3GMDT Plus for the activation of the public transport service on-demand organized by ATM Milano and called Bus District.

The path of the vehicle is determined dynamically according to the demands of users who can contact the call center or ATM directly to the driver at the terminus.
The onboard equipment, in addition to providing the driver the necessary support for the completion of service (navigation system for indicating the path to follow, list appointments, lead/lag, etc.), Captures users’requests proceeding to schedule of the run directly on the device board.

Softeco Sismat used devices Digitax 3GMDT Plus for the activation of the public transport service on-demand organized by ATM Milano.

Softeco Sismat used devices Digitax 3GMDT Plus for the activation of the public transport service on-demand organized by ATM Milano and called Bus District.

The path of the vehicle is determined dynamically according to the demands of users who can contact the call center or ATM directly to the driver at the terminus.
The onboard equipment, in addition to providing the driver the necessary support for the completion of service (navigation system for indicating the path to follow, list appointments, lead/lag, etc.), Captures users’requests proceeding to schedule of the run directly on the device board.

Digitax sells the dispatch system in France through the authorized distributor Taxi Gamma

Digitax sells the dispatch system A-TDS Cloud in France through the authorized distributor Taxi Gamma.

The system has already been installed at the company Cergy_Pontoise and soon will be operative.
01 30 30 45 45
8 rue Robert Schuman 95300 PONTOISE
Téléphone :
Fax :

The Consortium taxi drivers Coop . Rimini Radiotaxi choose System Digitax ATDS Cloud

The Consortium taxi drivers Coop . Rimini Radiotaxi choose System Digitax ATDS Cloud

The Taxi Drivers Association of Rimini has chosen to optimize their work through the new version of the system Dispatching Corse automatic Digitax Automotive Electronics.
The new cooperative of taxi drivers Rimini.
The Rimini Radio Taxi Cooperative brings together 10 taxi drivers and 5 fleet vehicles used for the transport of 4-6-8 people.
The significant innovation is the use of software , by a company of Porto Recanati Digitax, which automatically redirects the user to call the nearest taxi driver free to callers, through a satellite positioning signal through GPRS that occurs in real time .
This new technology makes the service much faster and more effective but also safer because the program keeps track of calls and allows you to monitor the data of displacements, for added security and a guarantee of professionalism.
Cooperativa Rimini Radio Taxi 
Via Italia, 9/11 – 47900 – Rimini (RN)
Partita Iva 04069590406 – Tel. +39.0541.1788011

Selecta Digitax sets up the bus fleet of the FCE of Catania with the X-One Plus

The new fleet of buses suburban FCE purchased from Scania Italy have been equipped with the latest technology on board , the result of collaboration between Scania Italy , Thales Group, Ameli Spa and Selecta – Digitax.

The fleet , consisting of about 70 vehicles, was set up with on-board computer GPS / GPRS model X-One Plus Digitax.

with touch screen 7-inch , passengers count, optical stereoscopic LED display with audio and visual indicator inside of the next stop and validators magnetic / contactless .
In the coming months we will be implemented information systems for users via SMS and poles with information and will soon be activated automatic certification of service quality.

VERONA ATV Implements the fleet with Selecta Digitax Tecnology

Selecta Digital Service is taking steps to change technology on board 400 autubus ATV Verona installing the terminal board X -One Plus technology Digitax that at present appears to be equipped with cutting-edge technologies.