Digitax TDS Cloud System is the latest generation taxi dispatch system using GPRS, GSM, VOIP and Internet to maximise the number of incoming requests and serve them at the same time at the quickest possible.
A Mobile Data Terminal is requested to be installed in each vehicle for constantly and continously communicate to the operating centre the status (for hire or hired) and positioning of the vehicle itself.
TDS Cloud System can handle an unlimited number of operators and each operator can run different tasks according to the user profile  that is configurable.
The dispatcher is able to assign the jobs to the best candidate using sophisticated seeking algorithms that are fully configurable and customizable by the client to best suit his personal needs.
The Cloud infrastructure, TDS Cloud System, is based on is specifically designed to ensure the maximum service continuity and redundancy and excellent performances.

Taxi request

Cab request by the customer

Operating Center

Real Time communication between terminal and operating center (via GPRS)

Job received

Job received by cab driver, if inside the cab on the installed device, if outside the cab on the App of mobile.

TDS Cloud System uses a fully customizable IVR system that can receive and serve the users’ calls in Automatic Mode (the call is transferred directly to the taxi driver’s phone; typically used in small/medium environments, without premises and/or Call Center Operator, or overnight and during holidays in small operators call center ) and Operator Mode (the call is transferred to the call center operators who enter the requested data into a simple web interface with embedded VoIP softphone).
TDS allows also registered users to ask for a taxi without speaking to an operator and choosing between the last pickup locations (via a DTMF menu).

The TDS Cloud System website, among the other functionalities, allow to manage drivers shifts, to display diagnostic reports, with different level of detail, showing all the served taxis requests (caller details, taxi candidates, priority areas and taxi stands, etc.), to fully manage cars, drivers and customers.

TDS Mobile Application

The new TDS Mobile App by Digitax allow TDS Cloud System to run also on a smartphones and tablets. The App gives access to all the functionalities provided by on-board terminals, those related to physical hardware connections excluded of course (odometer, taximeter, external professional antennas, etc.).

The Application Board

The application board also works on embedded taximeter.

App Functionality

Continuous communication with the Control unit in real time and without geographical limits (via 3G / 4G)
• Management of the parking code and display of the statistics of all the zones and parking spaces
• Complete management of the jobs
• Instant text messaging
• Custom settings
• Break management
• Diagnostic panels (GPS, Connectivity, Services, etc.)
• Automatic updates (OTA)
• Possibility of connection with external Taximeter (via Bluetooth or other supported modes)

Received Job

You can collect your job on smartphones when the driver is out of the vehicle